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September 2014
 Monthly Catalog
24th Year of Publication

Welcome to Toy Car Collector's site of collectible vintage toy cars.  My name is David Williamson and I share your love for Hot Wheels and Matchbox toys and any other toys made in the 1960's to the late 1970's.  I have been a collector since I was eight years old back in 1966.

To see all the toy cars I have for sale right now you can choose from the menu titles to go to the name brands that you are interested in.  Once you find something you want just pick up the phone and call or TEXT or email to place your order and pay by Pay Pal, Visa, Master Card or Money Order.

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April 10th - added photos from the recent Hot Wheels Convention



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9/24 added 12 Redlines to the 1969 Part 1,2,&3 selections
9/23 added 12 Redlines to the 1969 Part 1 selections
9/19 added 12 Redlines to the 1968 Part 1 and 2 selections
9/12 added 9 Redlines in Package and 3 Dealer Promo Models
9/11 added 12 Matchbox Regular Wheels models
9/09 added 12 Matchbox Regular Wheels models and completely went through my Matchbox inventory, will be adding more this week 
9/08 added 3 Redlines and 12 Matchbox Regular Wheels models 
/05 added 12 more nice Redlines in package 
9/04 added 9 nice Redlines in package 
9/03 added 6 nice Redlines in package and 3 Chrysler Promos 
8/30 added to and updated Hot Wheels Sizzlers 
8/28 added 12 empty and minty blister packs from Redlines 
8/27 added 6 nice Redlines 
8/25 added 3 Redlines in Package and Mongoose and Snake models and another YouTube video of a half case of Redline Blister Packs that I got on Saturday which was my birthday!
8/22 added 9 Redline Hot Wheels in Package
8/21 added 9 Redline Hot Wheels & a YouTube Video
8/20 added 9 Redline Hot Wheels to the 1968 selections
8/19 added 6 Redline Hot Wheels in Blister Packs
8/15 added to and updated Matchbox Superfast Parts 1 and 2
8/14 added 12 Redline Hot Wheels
8/13 a lot of past Convention cars are added
8/12 added 9 Redlines and 6 Sizzlers
8/11 added 12 Redlines to the 1968 selections
8/4 added 15 models to the $20 or less Redline selections|


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Some photos from my 25 years of collecting

Hot Wheels Nationals
Indianapolis, IN
April 2013

Hot Wheels Nationals
Detroit, Michigan
April 2012

Hot Wheels Nationals
Cincinnati, Ohio
April 2011

Hot Wheels Convention
Los Angeles, CA
October 2009

Los Angeles, CA
Hot Wheels Convention

Oct 2008

Buena Park, CA
Hot Wheels Convention
Oct 2007

Hot Wheels Nationals
Dearborn, MI April 2007

Twinmill II




this photo is from the 7th Hot Wheels convention that I attended.  Started going  to them every year in 1991
this photo is from 2 years after I started the monthly catalog

1968 Store Display
I would really like to find one of these