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I am interested in only toy cars made before 1980

the date on the bottom of a Hot Wheels car is NOT the year it was made

It takes many calls or emails for me to find a collection that is interesting enough for me to buy them so it works best if you email me photos of your collection so I can see what it is you have  503-956-3708

Please e-mail or text me photos of your collection and if they look nice I will email you back with information about how best to sell them and let you know if I am interested.  Generally if you have only a few cars it is not going to be of interest to me.  I like 12, 24, 48 and more cars in a carry case plus accessories

Although my WEBSITE makes it look like old Hot Wheels are easy to find they are not.  This site represents the work of over 25 years of collecting FULL TIME.  In that time I've also spent almost a year of full 7-day-weeks of my adult life attending Hot Wheels conventions looking for cars to buy for my catalog and personal collection.

a lot of people have heard the story of the one-of-a-kind Mattel designer prototype that is rumored to have sold for $70k and you do not have one

CONDITION: 1 out of 100 early Hot Wheels cars are in mint condition, the condition they were in when they left the factory.  Even new in the package Hot Wheels cars are not mint.  That rare condition is the condition that all price guides are based on.  And yes if you had cars like that you could get price guide prices, at least for the more desirable models.  

An interesting display of Buyer/Collector versus Seller's idea of what a  Hot Wheels cars condition

You can find several books with values for Hot Wheels in
better condition than yours are in. 
However no matter how nicely you talk to that book it will
not buy your cars.

If you send me photos of your Redline Hot Wheels I will give you my opinion about what you could get for the collection in cash money by private sale or eBay auction.

I am on eBay too (2759)

I am an eBay Super Star! My feedback rating is over 2700 and I have earned a pretty red star too!  I have been a member since May of 1998

Thank you for stopping by to tell me about your toy car collection.  My name is David Williamson and I am a big fan of early Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars.  All of us who had collections as kids still remember the fun of going to the store and picking out Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars off the shelf of the local J.C. Penny's, dime store, or Rexall Drug store.  Our Moms and Dads would reward us, or perhaps we would spend our allowance to get that new car that we did not have already.  The cool thing about collecting was keeping them in our race and carry cases.  Thanks to those cases many of us still have our toys today.    E-Mail
Hot Wheels Nationals
Detroit, Michigan
April 2012
Hot Wheels Nationals
Cincinnati, Ohio
April 2011
Hot Wheels Convention
Los Angeles, CA
October 2009
Hot Wheels Nationals
Rosemont, IL
April 2008
Hot Wheels Nationals
Dearborn, MI
April 2007
Deora II

Hot Wheels display

Hot Wheels display

Hot Wheels Race car on display at a convention in California

Here I am at a Hot Wheels convention with friends from Milwaukee 

Many of us are 42 to 52 years old now and have forgotten about collecting. But some are actively collecting right now. Fortunately lots of toy cars are still are packed away in attics, basements, and garages. The challenge for collectors is to find those collections and hopefully add more cars to our own collections.  Matchbox cars are easy to collect as there were only 75 cars made in 1969 and they each came in only one color.  All you need is one of each, preferably mint-in-the-original-box.  You can add about 10 additional models and have all the 1968's as well.  Most of the Matchbox cars were bought by our parents who liked how real they looked.  They were rather plain and did not race well so when Hot Wheels came out in 1968 they totally kicked Matchbox cars butt! 
Hot Wheels, wow, they are cool!  All my friends had boxes and boxes of them.  I don't know why but my parents never bought them for me.  So I have spent the last 15 years collecting them to make up for that childhood suffering!  The neat thing about the 1968 to 1972 line of Hot Wheels is that there are 118 models and each of them can come in up to 20 different colors.  These Hot Wheels were so popular that almost always they were played with so finding them in the original package is not easy.  Many played with toys have paint damage and dulled colors.  Even the ones that have not been played with will turn dull and darken, loosing much of the luster that makes them so beautiful.

I am actively buying Hot Wheels collections right now.  If you have a box of Hot Wheels in like new condition I can help you turn them in to a tidy some of cash.  Collectors like myself are interested in both quality and quantity.  It is most desirable to have cars in perfect condition, but we also like to have lots of played with cars because they look more like the ones we carried around with us when we were kids.  Plus the perfect ones are scarce and command high prices, but the played with ones are plentiful and inexpensive.  So no matter the condition of your cars I will buy them.  When searching the internet to get a feel for what a car is worth remember that everything you find for sale has not sold yet so that is not really useful information.  Also any price you see is a "one car sale" price.  So if you are looking to sell many cars at the same time a one car sale price will not help.  If you are selling a collection you'll need to find other collections that have sold, and that is difficult to find.  Usually a sellers best bet is to get as many offers as possible from collectors who actually have the money to spend and are willing to spend it.


1. You have 1,000 or more cars you bought from Wal-Mart in the last 20 years
2. You have Hot Wheels cars that you found with your metal detector
3. You kept your cars in a coffee can and feel that there is still "some" paint left
4. You think that your cars are "really nice for being 30 + years old" when
     actually they are all beat up
5. Your Matchbox cars are used and their boxes long gone

Sorry but those descriptions are of cars that are not of interest to a collector.

I am most interested in Hot Wheels with Red Stripes on the Tires

Just send me a few photos so I can see if you have interesting cars

This 1970
Swingin Wing
is in Mint Condition Everyone wants this condition but not everyone can afford it
This 1970
Swingin Wing
is in Near Mint
condition and is popular and affordable
This 1970
Swingin Wing
is in Excel
condition and is affordable but not real popular
This 1970
Hairy Hauler
is in Fair
and has only sentimental value
Hot Wheels
are in Poor Condition
and have only sentimental value

With this information I can determine the value of the collection and make an offer for them.  I will buy Hot Wheels in just about any condition.  You can e-mail this information to me or call (503) 956-3708 to discuss your collection.

David Williamson
PO Box 13622
Portland, Oregon 97213
(503) 956-3708

Once received and checked out I  can pay immediately by PAYPAL
or any cash transfer system