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I want to buy your really nice Toy Cars
1968 to 1977 Redline Hot Wheels

It takes many calls or emails for me to find a collection that is interesting enough for me to buy them so it works best if you email me photos of your collection so I can see what it is you have

Send by e-mail to 
or TEXT message to

please e-mail or text me photos of your collection and if they look nice I will email you back with information about how best to sell them and let you know if I am interested.  Generally if you have only a few cars it is not going to be of interest to me.  I like 12, 24, 48 and more cars plus carry cases and accessories

I have been buying collection by mail since the late 1980's

100% satisfied sellers

I am on eBay too as (2839)
Power Seller since May 1988

Also see me on You Tube as

Yes you can send your collection to

David Williamson
PO Box 13622
Portland, Oregon 97213

Some collections arrive as a surprise,
most have been negotiated in advance

As of September 1st
I have already bought 24 collections
this year, and still I want more!

All collections are opened as a "Collection Reveal Video"
for my ToyCarCollector TV You Tube audience
check out this recent collection video