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Updated 6/9/2021

Welcome to my Monthly List of Toy Cars for Sale featuring Hot Wheels, Lesney Matchbox, Topper Johnny Lightning’s and other interesting vintage toy cars.  I am a collector of Hot Wheels made from 1967 to 1977, Lesney Matchbox 1955-70 and assorted other cars and accessories.  I enjoy buying large collections and have had extra toys for sale in my Monthly List of Toy Cars for Sale since July 1991.

WHAT IS THE TOY CAR COLLECTOR? – My name is David Williamson and I have been collecting toy cars since 1966 when my dad brought home a Matchbox #6 Euclid Dump Truck.  From that time on I never stopped collecting toy cars.  I started this monthly list in July of 1991 to sell a few of my extra cars.  My first list was sent to 13 people and had only 17 cars listed. 

My most recent catalog or list and web site includes:
1,211 Redline Hot Wheels plus I have about 350 more to add
808 Lesney Matchbox plus I have about 750 more to add
there is a total of 3,653 different cars.

This website currently has 56,000 photos and is nearly 3 gigabytes in size

If everything on this site was in a large room and you started the site from scratch it would take nearly 2 years to create it working 40 hours per week. That is provided you already had full knowledge of all of these models, how to judge condition, what they are worth, web site design, photography and inventory control.  And it helps to have been active in the collector's community for 33 years.

I still doing everything the same way as I did when the list was small; I operate in a professional manner and work towards always providing the best toys and service available.

HOW THE CATALOG WORKS - You can see everything I have for sale right here on this site with full color photos.  Or I can send you a printed listing with no photos if you contact me with your name and address. 

ORDERING - Once you have looked over the list and found the items you want, give me a call, text, or email and I'll make sure I have those items for you.  Unlike other websites this one is constantly updated and usually all the items you want will be available when you call. Honestly there are no other web sites like this, it is just simply too much work for a normal person to create or maintain.  I started so long ago and have dedicated myself to the art of collecting.

After ordering you can pay by credit card or pay-pal and have your order arrive in about 3 days.  You have up to 10 days to make payment by money order or check.  Checks are accepted with a 10-day hold to clear your bank.

ORDER TIMES - Since you are phoning me at home please keep calls between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.  When I am not available please leave your name, phone number and tell me what time would be good for me to call you back.  You can also reach me by email:

GUARANTEE - All items are guaranteed to be great.  All cars for sale are graded conservatively, the same way I grade my own collection.  Refunds or exchanges gladly.  My reputation depends on your satisfaction!

CONDITION - I prefer to use the following grades: 

MINT (C-10) New, fresh, clean, no defects, bright.  I do not use this grade even if a car would qualify because really nothing is perfect.
MINT – (C-9.5) Very minor flaw,  factory caused, and no playwear.

NEAR MINT (C-9) Minor flaws, clean and bright.

EXCEL (C-8) Gently played with toy, nice condition.

GOOD (C-7) Showing average playwear, the kind you played with as a kid.

POOR (C-6) Not pretty, but complete unless noted.
All cars are carefully examined for condition multiple times.  First when I aquire the car, second when I list it, third when I add to a model selection I check conditions, and lastly when I prepare it for you.  It is time consuming and helps explain why this is the only site and catalog like mine.

SHIPPING - Most orders are sent by either US Mail First Class (up to 13 ounces) which is typically $3 or by Priority Mail.  All orders are insured to the full value for loss or damage.  All postage costs are added to the order. 

Standard size packages under 13 ounces cost about $4 for small orders under $100.  Priority mail starts at $8 plus insurance on orders over $150.

Out of country postage is at cost and includes insurance from so
customs fees are not an issue. 

No longer mailing to the U.K. due to the new tax collection requirements.